If you like to add a personalised or funky touch to your clothing or other accessories, then patches are a great way to do that. You can buy your favourite Velcro patches online from our store at extremely cheap prices.

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There are several types of patches available, but the easiest ones to apply are Velcro patches. Here at Patches Maker, we produce custom-made Velcro patches in the UK with a high level of detail. You can buy these custom Velcro patches for clothes to enhance their visual appeal. Our easy-to-use website, easy-to-order system, and quick delivery will make your shopping experience smooth and enjoyable.


Velcro patches are pretty easy to apply, but the main reason why they are so famous is that you can remove and reapply them at any time. Patches Maker is one of the leading companies in the UK that produces personalised Velcro patches. We offer vast customization options and try our best to bring your ideas to reality.

Custom Velcro patches can customize almost any fabric item. You can even use them to modify those accessories that would otherwise be very difficult to customize by adding patches. Patches Maker has been crafting all these different patches for the last ten years. Our skilled craftsmen produce several types of patches, but we consider Velcro patches as one of our specialties.

We create highly detailed designs with immaculate finishing to make your patch look crisp, fresh, and attractive. In this last decade, we have advanced our production process by adding the latest machinery to our arsenal because we promise to deliver quality that goes beyond excellence.

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Our portfolio speaks for itself and describes the quality and diversity that we offer to our clients. From UK's best funny Velcro patches to custom Velcro name patches, you can find any patch you want. Don't just keep looking at the images. Start ordering and try them out by yourself!

Velcro Patches
Velcro Patches
Velcro Patches
Velcro Patches
Velcro Patches
Velcro Patches
Velcro Patches
Velcro Patches
Velcro Patches
Velcro Patches
Velcro Patches
Velcro Patches
Velcro Patches


Are you a patches enthusiast, but the process of applying patches makes you feel frustrated? It's time to say goodbye to all your worries, as from now on, you won't be dealing with sewing or gluing your patch. We have the perfect solution for you, custom-made Velcro patches. Patches Maker crafts premium-quality Velcro patches that can be used on any possible fabric.

We have the UK's best collection of Velcro patches for military, police, and morale that you can order at the cheapest possible rates. Creativity and affordability are the two unbeatable traits of Patches Maker. We remain dedicated to our work and strive to give our best every single time. However, budget is never a concern for our team. You will always get the finest quality products at a price well within your budget.


If you have any crazy design in your mind that you want us to recreate as a Velcro patch, feel free to communicate with our team. Our experts will gladly discuss the patch design you want and will start working on it right after you place your order. The unique and artistic patches are waiting for you. Start shopping right now!

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Patches Maker has a strong team of creative specialists who can make your patch vision come to life. There are no creativity limitations at our place, and we openly welcome all your unique and complex requirements. Our team will always produce something that exceeds your expectations. Every single individual is highly experienced and has mastered the art of crafting immaculate patches.

Patches Maker has worked for several clients across England, and now we have expanded to all different parts of Britain, including London, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Belfast. Apart from Velcro patches for clothes, vests, and backpacks, you can also order our custom sew on patches in the UK. A durable option that stays sewed to the fabric for a very long period.

Velcro Patches

We strive for customer satisfaction and always remain focused on satisfying the needs of our clients by delivering excellence. We have made buying or designing your favorite patch so much easier, and the order will be delivered to your doorstep within no time.

"I searched everywhere in the UK but found the best army velcro patches at this store. They have some exciting designs, and most importantly, they ship the products pretty quickly."

Karl Jul 23, 2022

"Totally satisfied with the final products. Their team worked on my designs and was expert enough to understand all my requirements. Loved how perfectly they captured all the minor details."

Christy Cooper Jul 29, 2021

"I would rate Patches Maker five out of five because, for me, their services ticked all the boxes of customer satisfaction."

Daniel Gibson Jun 12, 2021

"I am amazed by the prices of their Velcro patches. Most companies out there are charging way too much for customized patches, but the rates I got from Patches Maker were the cheapest of them all."

Fred Aug 1, 2022

"The best custom police Velcro patches in the UK. I previously had a few bad experiences from different places, but Patches Maker proved to be a game-changer. Full marks for the quality, delivery, and customization."

Alyssa Feb 20, 2022

"I ordered military velcro patches from their site and shockingly received the order pretty quickly. I was already impressed with their fast shipping, but when I looked at the patches, I was literally blown away by their quality."

Sophia Flintoff Dec 25, 2021


You might have used Velcro systems before without knowing what it is. It basically contains a hook and loop system. The patch is fastened to the clothing item or any other accessory. You just have to connect the hook and the loop, and your work is done. It's literally that easy!

Velcro patches work like a temporary attachment to the chosen surface and make it easy to remove or reapply. You just need to pull the patch in order to take it off. You won't find this extra convenience in any other patches.

You can provide our team with the image, text, or design of your patch. Contact our creative designers if you do not have any particular image in mind. They would collect all the raw details and ideas from you and come up with something that perfectly replicates your vision.

These creative professionals have been part of the patch-making industry for over a decade and know how to read the customers' minds. We have created so many patches in the last ten years that you might find your desired design in our inventory.

You can place your order from anywhere across the UK. It can be army velcro patches, custom police velcro patches, or any other patch design that you want. The order is always processed quickly and dispatched for delivery within no time.

It might take a bit longer if you have gone for a customized design. Our team will first finalize the design and ask for your approval. Once the customer is satisfied with the design, it proceeds to the production unit. The freshly crafted patches will be delivered to your doorstep in a jiffy.

We claim to be the cheapest patch maker in the whole UK. Regardless of the budget prices that we offer, the quality of our patches is also unmatched. We keep our prices so low because we want more people to buy top-quality patches without worrying about their pockets.

When you shop at Patches Maker, you can stay assured that there won't be any compromise on quality as customer satisfaction is our top concern. There are no hidden charges for extra customization, and Patches Maker will never go hard on your budget.

There are no order limits at Patches Maker. The least you can buy is a single individual patch. Similarly, there are no restrictions on big orders, and you can buy as many patches as you want. We are extensively experienced and know how to handle orders of all sizes.

Whether you order in bulk or in a small quantity, we handle every order with utmost care and undivided attention. Every order receives equal importance from our team, and the delivery will always be quick for all orders.

In last ten years, we have worked with hundreds of customers and designed thousands of patches. There has never been a single complaint about our products, and we proudly flex a 100% customer satisfaction record.

We have successfully maintained a high client retention rate over the years only because of our commitment to serving the customers in the best possible way. The finest quality fabric and threads are used to ensure that you receive a premium-quality patch that looks and feels good.

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