We have iron-on patches for almost everything, including T-shirts, jeans, elbows, and a lot more. These premium-quality patches are available at cheap prices, so stop thinking and place your order right now!

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Patches Maker is your ideal source for iron-on custom embroidered patches in the UK. The patches we create have a smoother finish and give your clothing a more professional look. The iron-on patches are a versatile option because they allow greater detail to be included in the design. Our expert craftsmen ensure that your patches have a meticulous finish and enhance the appeal of your garment.


Patches Maker breaks all barriers of creativity by producing the best iron-on patches for clothes in the UK. You can choose from a rainbow full of colors and many different designs, but you are free to get your own design printed on the iron-on patches. The best thing about our products is that they add an immediate visual impact after applying and can further enhance your particular style.

The professional craftsmen of our company hold special expertise in manufacturing these custom-made iron-on patches in the UK. Our patches contain a premium quality plastic coating, making them super adhesive to the fabric. You just have to use the standard iron, and the fabric will grip the material thoroughly within a few seconds.

Patches Maker can also be your wholesale iron-on patches supplier in the UK because we are capable of handling orders in large quantities. Pick your favorite patch and place your order right now.

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We have designed hundreds and thousands of patches for our customers. We still strive to keep on producing different trendy designs. You can check out our work samples and take inspiration from them. Here at Patches Maker, you can print your own iron-on patches in the UK.

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The secret behind these top-notch quality iron-on patches is that they are a unique mix of creative ideas, an artistic designers team, and rigorous quality checks. This advanced production process enables us to produce patches that always awe-struck customers. We have previously mentioned our expert craftsmen, but our creative heads also play a very crucial role. Their artistic insights make our patches more eye-catching.

We started as a small patch-making company, and now we have expanded beyond limits all over England. People buy our iron-on band patches online from different parts of the UK, including London, Belfast, Scotland, Edinburgh, Wales, Cardiff, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, and Northern Ireland.


Want to design your own iron-on patches in the UK? Patches Maker can help get your desired design printed as a top-quality patch. We also provide iron-on patches repair services at a very cheap price. Affordability is our biggest strength, and you can place an order for as many or as few iron-on patches as you like. Stop thinking and start ordering!

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Patches Maker has worked for several market-leading companies, but to show our diversity, we expanded our skillset and introduced tons of other patches categories. We have an impressive collection of iron-on logo patches for kids in the UK. The funky and colorful patches are available in different sizes and colors.

Whether you order a single patch or multiple children's iron-on patches from the UK, the prices are the same for all. For small orders or large orders, the costs will be cheap to make sure that you can easily buy quality iron-on patches at affordable prices in the UK. Embellish the fabric of your kiddos with the help of our expert patch makers.

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We have recently completed a huge order of iron-on denim and cotton patches in the UK. This was another successful delivery just like the previous ones that we have been doing for the past ten years in Britain. Check out what our customers have to say about our services and the quality of our products.

"I purchased iron-on patches for T-shirts and jeans from different stores in the UK, but the quality I received from Patches Maker was just awesome. A great experience shopping from them!"

Jordon. Jun 1, 2022

"I was planning to buy iron-on patches and sew-on patches online since there were no stores near me. Thankfully I landed on Patches Maker. I got what I wanted without any difficulty."

Jane Cox Feb 29, 2022

"My search for iron-on jean patches in the UK ended here at Patches Maker because of their extensive inventory. They had some amazing designs, and the prices were also quite cheap."

Paul. Sep 29, 2021

"I recently received my order, and those were the best iron-on elbow patches in the whole UK as I tried several other companies. The quality and prices offered here are simply out of this world!"

Katherine Brooks, Mar 29, 2022

"I don't have the right words to describe how happy I am with my design. They have a very trained team that communicates clearly with the customer. They maintained transparency in their work and delivered what they promised."

Wayne, Dec 29, 2021

"I was searching for iron-on knee patches in the UK, and this website popped in front of my eyes. At first glance, I fell in love with their designs. Up till now, I have placed around 4-5 orders from this site."

Lily Parkinson. Apr 29, 2022


We have some of the most advanced machinery and use the finest quality materials to produce our iron-on patches. The quality of our thread and colours ensures durable and attractive patches. On top of that, we treat our customers with the utmost respect and cater their requests with complete attention.

There won't be any difference between the actual colour and the one you see on the screen. However, your screen resolution might affect the colour. A full HD or 4k screen can provide you with an accurate colour representation.

For an embroidered patch, you have to set the temperature setting to either cotton or high heat. Preheat that specific area of the garment where you will place the patch. Do not press the iron directly on the garment.

Use some other piece of cloth and put it in between the iron and your garment for extra protection. You just have to press the iron firmly for a few seconds, and the job is done. The extra cloth that you put on the embroidered part of the patch protects its thread from burning.

There is no minimum or maximum limit of order at Patches Maker. You can buy a single customized patch from our shop or place an order for hundreds of patches. Our experienced staff handles every order with complete professionalism.

The final payment is also not affected by the order quantity as we have the cheapest prices for iron-on patches in the UK. The order quantity is never a reason for the delay as Patches Make assures timely delivery for small and big orders both.

Patches Maker lets you design your own iron-on patches. You can challenge us with any kind of design, and our professional patch makers will convert your vectors, logo, text, or any other design into an impeccable iron-on patch. Our award-winning patch specialists ensure that the final product captures all your design's major and minor details.

The experience of our team is combined with the latest high-end technology and produces exceptional results. Using these advanced machines helps us incorporate premium quality colours and use the highest thread count per inch.

We take pride in our quick deliveries. However, the expected timeframe might differ based on your order requirements. If you place an order for any existing patch from our inventory, it will be dispatched for delivery right away. You will receive the parcel within a week.

For customized orders, it might be longer. First, we have to finalize your design and take your approval. Once the design is final, it goes to our manufacturing team, who craft your patches. Our quality assurance team checks the patches, and when everything is completed, your order is dispatched for delivery.

Yes, you can! Budget is never a concern for our customers because we sell every piece at wholesale prices in London, UK. You can explore iron-on patches online from other sites, but our affordable prices are hard to find anywhere else.

We make the process of creating patches fast, fun, and economical. Irrespective of our cheap prices, we never compromise on the quality. We promise our customers supreme quality and try our best to stand by our words.

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