We have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers related to our products, services, and the company itself. Check out these informative questions if you have queries in mind. The answers will resolve all your concerns.

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We all love to add a personalized touch to our apparel, uniforms, and other accessories. Custom patches are a great way to do that. However, it takes great effort to create an excellent patch. Patches Maker is here to help you get the desired patch designed with immaculate finishing.

We bring innovation and creativity to the table and use our artistic skills to craft high-quality patches. Our team contains specialized patch makers who are experienced craftsmen and can create patches that meet and fulfil all your requirements. These expert hands always get the job done!

There is a common perception in the market that custom patches are very costly. Expensive patch makers have played a big role in establishing this perception. Patches Maker is here to be the game-changer and break this practice. We offer unmatched quality at unbeatable prices.

Unlike others, here at Patches Maker, quality is not associated with price tags only. We are all about efforts, and our primary goal is to ensure that quality patches are accessible to people of all budgets. You can easily find something in our inventory that fits your pocket.

We are all about customization. The best thing about Patches Maker is that we are fully capable of reading our customers' minds and extracting all the rough details about their desired designs. Our expert team can help you transform your design ideas into a happening reality.

You will surely love our custom patches as we craft patches that cover all your major and minor details. We replicate your vision in a perfect way, and it is guaranteed that you will love the final results. There are no limits for customization at Patches Maker.

No, we do not believe in restricting our customers in any way. You can shop whatever you like. There are no order limits. If anyone wants a single patch, they can order it. On the other hand, if someone wants to order patches in bulk, they are also encouraged to place their orders.

Our vast expertise in the patch-making industry has enabled us to handle and manage all kinds of orders. Big orders do not trouble us. We offer a similar turnaround time for almost all orders. The quality and prices remain the same whether it is a small order or a big one.

Our inventory is packed with different types of patches. Most probably, we have one of the biggest and most diverse collections of patches in UK. There won't be any patch that you can't find at our store. Patches Maker is not limited by any means, and we are ready for your orders.

These are not just claims, but we have actually delivered almost all kinds of patches, including iron-on patches, embroidered patches, Velcro patches, sew-on patches, biker patches, back patches, patches for jackets, military patches, morale patches, cotton patches, and a few more.

We are generally pretty quick in processing the orders and completing the delivery. Patches Maker offers one of the fastest shipping in UK. Customers can place orders from any part of the country and their delivery will be completed without any delay. The standard delivery time for regular orders is 7-10 days.

However, this timeline is not fixed and can fluctuate a bit if you have ordered a custom patch. There are a few steps that every patch has to go through before being finalised, including designing, producing, and final screening. We deliver timely results!

First of all, it is a request from our side to all the customers to please provide complete details about your required design. Be specific with all the major and minor details. It helps our designers create something that gets approved in the first go. However, we offer unlimited free revisions.

Yes, you won't be charged a single penny for re-edits. We strive for customer satisfaction and can do anything to satisfy the design needs of our customers. Our team closely follows your feedback and quickly makes all the changes you want.

When shopping with Patches Maker, you can stay assured that only durable and long-lasting patches will be delivered. We craft patches that stay with the clients for a very long time and can withstand normal wear and tear. It will be good as new even after multiple washes.

Not only does the quality remain intact, but our patches' color also doesn't fade away after repeated usage. A custom patch is something very personal that you don't buy every other day. Therefore, we try our best to manufacture patches of the highest quality standards.

You can expect prompt and quick deliveries from Patches Maker because of our fast-paced shipping process. We remain focused on ensuring that customers receive their orders without any inconvenience. Quick delivery is also one of our greatest strengths, along with cheap prices.

Our customer support team is available round-the-clock for assistance, and you can convey your concerns to them about the urgent delivery. If it would be possible for us to deliver the patches before the deadline, we will do it for you. So what are you waiting for? Place your order right now!

If the buyer has some concerns about the final quality, they can contact the customer support team of Patches Maker. Our quality assurance team will take on the matter into their hands and inspect the patches to identify the problem. If it can be fixed, we will surely do that.

Our team will return and replace the order immediately if any customer receives a wrong order or defective patches. However, such things rarely happen because we have a very strong quality assurance team that evaluates every patch before the delivery.

We offer different types of backings with our patches with Velcro, iron-on, and sew-on as the most common ones. There are a few more backings that you can add to your patches. Always remember that you have to look at the type of patch first and the fabric it will be attached to.

It is crucial to pick the right backing that adheres to the fabric with full force and complements the original patch. The backings that we offer are strongly attached to the fabric and stick without making any mess. The ideal combination of patch and backing will enhance the visual appeal of your apparel.

We can pay undivided attention to all the small details in your design and make sure that we do not miss anything. Our veteran craftsmen can embroider the smallest of text and intricate designs on your patches without any difficulty. We have the expertise to craft patches that stand out.

The text that measures around 5mm or more can easily be embroidered on the patches. However, anything below 3mm will be impossible to read from an embroidered patch. For more details about what we can do with your patches, feel free to contact us anytime.

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