STICK ON CLOTHING LABELS IN UK - QUICK AND EFFORTLESS APPLICATION! comes with some of the coolest stick-on-name clothing labels so you can stay away from lost and found. Personalise your labels at affordable prices and enjoy easy application. Grab, remove, stick, and you're done.

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We are proud to concede that our stick-on labels for clothing are the best you will get in London at cheap rates. But the best part is personalisation. We put the ball in your court so you can decide how it turns out. Just pick the name, share your customisation preference, and voila – it will be in your hands in no time. We do not just create any label but put all our efforts into producing the highest quality that doesn't budge, come off or wear out.


Are you tired of using those iron-on or sew-on labels that are a hassle to attach? Ditch those because our stick-on name labels for clothing are the best alternative you can find in the market. We are UK's leading label maker that helps you get the best without spending a fortune. From Liverpool to Leicester, we love to serve custom labels to everyone.

Our labels are made with utmost precision and hold the quality that no one can refute. Each label is personalised with your name, design and any other customisation you opted for, so you never lose your clothing again. We use high-quality material along with exceptional adhesive that bonds with your clothing like no one ever. With crisp quality and the finest finish, we hit the right chords.

That's not it. Our stick-on clothing labels are soft to the touch, non-itchy and easy to apply. Just paste it, and you're ready to go. You can wash it easily without stressing over the quality. Even after several washes, your labels will look as good as new. In a nutshell, once you get your hands on it, there's no going back.

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Our label portfolio is full of fun, quirky and sophisticated labels that were recently delivered to our valuable clients. Check out these premium stick-on clothing name labels to get the inspiration for your next order.

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UK's Custom Stick on Clothing Labels


Are you tired of losing your kid's clothes and don't want to take frequent rounds at lost and found? This might be the time you're spamming the search engine with the search 'stick on name labels for clothing near me'. Stop right away since you've landed on the best label maker website. Once you get them, there's no way you're losing your clothes again.

We make the finest labels and are sure to deliver at your desired location within a few days only. Our latest technology gives us the edge in efficient production and fastest delivery no matter where you live, including Bristol, Manchester, Leeds and across. The cherry on top, our experts make the process a breeze for you.


Do you have any ideas that you want us to replicate, or are you waiting for us to create unique name labels for clothing with stick-on capabilities? We've got you covered! We let you decide everything from material, colours, font and more so you can craft something that matches your vibe. All you have to do is stick to us; we'll get you the best ones within a week!

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Getting the best price is what everybody wants. But that bargain can often lead to the trade of quality. Nobody wants to pay for something that will wear off within a few washes. That's exactly where we come in the picture with our waterproof stick-on name labels that are high in quality and super affordable. We have the best deals label lovers are hunting for.

Our pricing is cheap and pocket-friendly, with the quality everybody vouches for. Topping it off with lucrative deals, we ensure you get the best labels for every penny you've spent. Add our personalised labels to your Holy Grail list since the prices are too reasonable to be ignored. No matter what you order, we are sure to give you the best deal in the whole of Britain.

UK's Most Affordable Stick on Clothing Labels
Time To Get Custom Labels UK IS TOTALLY SOLD ON US!

It's a no-brainer that people love us since they are singing the sweetest compliments in our DMs and website. However, these reviews will give you a peek into why they are gushing over our custom labels.

"I had a design in mind for personalised clothing labels with stick-on ability and wasn't sure if they could do it. But they impressed me with everything from design to quality. It looked great and was premium in quality".

Luther Morris Jan 2, 2022

"They are the best stick-on clothing name label maker in the UK. Pricing was wallet-friendly, and the delivery was made on time. Plus, their team was professional; they responded quickly and resolved issues on time".

Kelly Porter Aug 23, 2021

"I read one review where people were raving about their waterproof stick-on name labels, and I knew I had to get them. They were durable, and even after many washes, they looked brand new. They are 10/10 on quality".

Travis Johnston Nov 12, 2021

"I needed some stick-on name labels for my kid's clothing, but my budget was quite limited. After taking a consultation from their experts, they offered a very cheap deal. On top, their delivery is super-fast, which is a win".

Phillip Mullins Sep 9, 2021

"Since I was ordering from Sheffield, I was skeptical about their delivery time. But they were fast enough to deliver my stick-on clothing labels within six days. I'm still surprised with their turnaround time since pricing was cheap".

Annie Graves Jul 4, 2022

"My budget wasn't steep, so I was wondering if I could stick on name clothing labels for cheap. Fortunately, I discovered them, and they have some lucrative deals which I availed. It was the best decision. Recommended!"

Archie Mcdonald Jan 7, 2022


It totally depends on you which one you like better. Iron-on are the ones you can use with heat pressing. You are required to iron it for at least 60 seconds before it can actually stick. After that, they are good to go. Iron on has some restrictions on fabrics or stuff.

On the other hand, stick-on labels don't require any extra time. You simply paste it after removing the seal, and it is done. No appliance is required during the application process, and they stick easily to a lot of fabrics. If you choose ease, stick-on labels are the best.

We are proud to announce that our delivery time is fast. The process takes no more than six days and includes the order placement, sample creation, revision, manufacturing and dispatching. We sum up the process within a week to give you the quickest delivery.

However, this delivery time may exceed in some cases depending on the quantity and customisation. Alternatively, you can opt for our express delivery if you want to speed up the process more. This way, you'll get our priority, and we'll shorten the delivery time.

Our stick-on clothing labels are made with high-quality material to ensure longevity. They are crisp and vibrant in colours with the strongest adhesive that sticks like a miracle. Our quality inspection team also inspects the quality to maintain the company's standards.

That means you'll only get the best labels. Even after several washes, you'll find them intact with the same vivid colours or smooth material. It will easily last up to 100+ washes. However, we always suggest avoiding potent detergents so they can remain new for long.

We are delighted to share the news that we have no limitation on the quantity. Since there is no minimum order, you can order as many as you like. Whether a hundred or just ten clothing labels, we will personalise them with the same enthusiasm as other big orders.

However, we always suggest our customers go for at least 50 pieces so you can get a cheap deal. Since it's customisation, ordering a few pieces will generate a costly bill. Instead, you can order in bulk to get the lucrative deal at the most affordable price.

Our prices are affordable and market-competitive. No other label makers are giving such cheap prices for the finest quality in the UK landscape. We also have some pocket-friendly packages that are made exclusively for someone who wants more for less money.

That's not it. You can order in bulk if you want to bag some major discounts. This will add you to our loyal customers, and you'll be the luckiest client with a cheap bill. Remember, our cheap price doesn't mean our quality is compromised. Our labels are of premium quality.

When we say personalisation, that means we open doors of creativity, and you can choose everything by yourself. You can go for any stuff, colours, fonts or text. From length to width, it is entirely up to you what you select and what suits your requirements.

However, the text space is limited since labels are usually compact. Our experts will guide you about the alphabet quantity so you can use it wisely for the best outcome. Otherwise, whatever ideas you have in mind, just share them with our experts, and we'll do the rest.

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