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Selecting The Right Patch Type For Yourself: A Helpful Guide

Imagine next week is the greatest concert of your band. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. A huge crowd is going to be there, and you have to give your best. All of your outfits and accessories are in hand except the band logo patch that you ordered. A custom-made badge that had to be here by last week. However, you received it this morning, and it is not even the same as you wanted it to be. The backing, the needlework… a total disaster!

Are you disheartened? You must be worried also. We feel for you, too. However, don’t you think a little precaution could have helped you escape this situation? If you look closely, the answer will be yes. A brief research is sufficient to save anyone from this sort of last-minute chaos.

Therefore, we are convinced that there are certain determinants that we must consider while selecting a patch type for you.

Exploring The Selection Of An Impeccable Patch Type

Patches have been our true friends for centuries, from being useful for the underprivileged to being a symbol of royalty. Customised badges have won hearts around the world. In addition, their power of expression is beyond incredible. Can you believe they can influence people for causes without even saying a word? We would say this is indeed an epic power!

The personalised motifs are also eminent for celebrating events and employee motivation however, this is not all. Besides this, they are also wearable artwork, walking advertisements and unique embellishments that make you stand out.

Below is a short description of styles of brooches that you can choose from:


It is short for polyvinyl chloride. They are soft, bendable and durable. Moreover, they have exceptional features like 3D format and waterproof rubberised material. Besides, they are super mouldable into any shape, design and colour.


This classic type has been running for generations before it finally reached us. In addition, it remains an ageless trend. Such patches have upgraded the fashion flair with intricate patterns directly embedded in the denims. This type was relevant in the 1970s and then the 80s and continues to be a part of today’s quirky fashion.


Minimal in size yet heavier in impact, the leather brooches are graceful tiny wonders. For years, they were used by army officials. However, the tables have turned. Now, the sturdy brooches act as brand logo on denim pants and statement caps. Furthermore, they also go with the backpacks and purses.


They are picture-perfect heat press coverings. They are the best choices for printing a detailed design on your jacket. In addition, they are famous for working the finest with photographs.  Some popular examples are smooth-transferred images of pets and friends and beautiful views.


These badges are flatter as compared to embroidered ones. They also give more of a 2D appearance, making it easy to adhere to uneven surfaces. Not only this, woven brooches are better at neatly following the fine lines. So, if you are more into a complex design, then opt for the tight weaves of this type of patch.


This type, a Bullion, is the modern embroidery version that incorporates wire threads and beads. It reflects luxury vibes and adds a higher level of detail to its pattern. Hence, adequate for a seamless 3D design.

Special Determinants

Picking the right brooch is too much of a task, but the hassle is minimised when you know just the thing you want. For that, you simply need to narrow down the search process based on some fine points, and it becomes less of a trouble. For example, the detail of the required texture, elaboration of the motif, where the badge is going to be positioned etc. On the other hand, if you are still unsure, then seek assistance from any Patch Maker UK.

Here are some special determinants that you must consider before you opt for a custom-made crest.

#1 Material – the finer the material, the better the durability. Every type of badge is suitable for a specific need. For instance, the woven style is good for intricate patterns, whereas embroidered emblems go well with traditional attire. Apart from this, a modern look demands PVC accessories, and leather ones pair well with rock and jazz vibes. Thus, the sought-after style must be relevant to the material choice!  

#2 Size – Not all the patch types are scalable; therefore, it is your call to where the badge is going to display. If it is a restaurant logo, then it needs to be on various locations like cutlery, menu, hoarding and staff dress code. For this sort of requirement, a PVC-type badge will be the top preference.  

#3 Backing Option – another important feature factor is the backing option. Ask yourself, how do you plan to add on these embellishments? Which surface or fabric are you planning to put it on? Would you prefer glue or a stitch or maybe direct embossing? Your answer is crucial as it will decide which badge type will work in your condition.

#4 Design Complexity – sometimes, customers pick out an elaborate pattern for the making of a personalised emblem. However, when they receive their product, it is evident that justice was not done with the design. The reason is the wrong selection of badge type, as not everything goes with everything. Thus, you need to take expert advice on this matter before finalising anything.

Final Words…

You must consider many things while you choose a patch type for yourself. Some of the major ones are in the text above, but there are a few petty ones as well. They might seem very trivial, but they are of great importance.

One should decide after a brief analysis of the patch maker. Facts like MOQ, which is the minimum order quantity. It tells whether you need just a few emblems or more than a triple-digit quantity.  It is necessary to know because some providers do not accept orders under MOQ. Moreover, the variety of customisation and pricing strategies is also necessary to contemplate. It includes the shipping cost and customer service.

These small bits of fashion magic are like the cherry on top of your wardrobe. So, continue spicing up your outfits and accessories with these fashion motifs, but choose wisely while getting one. Be it a concert, a housewarming party or a peace walk. Add a subtle touch of flair to your look with a custom-made patch and slay!

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