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Ordering Custom Patches From PatchesMaker Made Easy: 5 Steps

If you are that person who likes to make their outfit one of a kind, then why not get your hands on multiple fancy patches? Trust us, these tiny emblems can turn your outfits from grass to grace.

Hmm! But ordering these emblems is an issue in itself. There are a lot of things to consider. Such as the quality of patches offered, minimum order, whether the service provider is genuine and trustworthy or not, and a lot more. Goodness gracious!

But we have a suggestion to make. That is right, folks!

Let go of all your worries, because the online store that we are going to tell you about is the most reputed and the first name that comes to the mind of many fashion enthusiasts. Are you ready?

Okay, then, it is none other than! In this blog, we have discussed the step-by-step process of how you can place your custom patch order from these experts.

So, let us dig in right now!

5 Steps To Order Custom Patches From PatchesMaker.Co.UK

Step No. 1: Share Your Custom Design

To start the ordering process to get your custom patches, the first and foremost step that you will be required to do is to share your patch design. You can start your hunt for the best designs before this step. Look at any cool images online, or you can draw your sketches if you are feeling artistic.

However, if you fail to come up with catchy designs, then there is absolutely no need to worry at all. Just tell the experts from, the ideas you have in mind, and they will surprise you with their creativity and innovative ideas. The cherry on top? These wonderworkers offer the best consultation free of cost. How wonderful! After successfully coming up with a design for your patch, proceed to step no. 2.

Step No. 2: Customize Your Patches By Telling Your Requirements

Ooh! That is a fantastic design! If you are looking for any specific feature in your patch style, then now is the right time to speak about it. Let these professionals know what type of patch you need, what sort of backing you prefer, your desired design, etc. No matter if you want an iron-on patch, a sew-on backing, or Velcro or stick-on backing, these experts will happily cater to your requirements. They offer a lot of different types of patches, such as:

  1. Applique Patches
  2. Back Patches
  3. Biker Patches
  4. Chenille Patches
  5. Clothing Patches
  6. Custom Hats Patches
  7. Custom Patches
  8. Embroidered Patches
  9. Jacket Patches
  10. Military Patches
  11. Morale Patches and a lot more

Step No. 3: Make Advance Payment

After choosing a design, and telling them all about your requirements, how about we get these experts to start working on your patch, now? Sounds like a plan! To do so, you have to make an advanced payment for your order. While these professionals do not charge anything for the consultation, they cannot hand out free patches now, can they?

So, transfer them the money and let them work on your emblem. Although these workers are genuine, however, if you are having any doubts, you can always ask them to show you the proof. They will send it to you almost immediately to shoo away all your worries. See, they are the best patch maker in town indeed!

Step No. 4: Make Minor Changes If Required & Approve The Patch Design

These patch manufacturers work tirelessly to produce a patch that is the carbon copy of the design that you approved. Even more so, the produced patch looks more brilliant than the sketch. After being done with the final part to produce your desired emblem, these experts ask for your approval. Only if you are satisfied with what they have made, they will ship it to you.

Although there are no chances, but, if you don’t seem to like what they have produced, you can ask them to make changes.

Step No. 5: Get Ready To Receive Your Order

After getting your nod of approval, these patch makers pack your order most gracefully and ship it to your doorstep. These experts also offer a no minimum quantity to make sure they remain affordable and approachable to everyone. There is one more thing that contributes to making them the best of the bunch, can you guess what it is? No? Well, then you are in for a sweet surprise!

These skilled patch makers do not charge you any shipping charges if you order a certain limit. So, all in all, these experts offer free consultations, make minor changes free of cost, and also do not charge shipping charges on bulk orders. Moreover, they also provide the best patches you can get. We think it is a win-win scenario. What do you think?

  • What are the different types of patches?

There are about 9 different types of patches that can be used to modernize your clothes to make them more interesting and fashionable. These patch types include:

  1. Woven Patches
  2. Embroidered Patches
  3. Leather Patches
  4. PVC Patches
  5. Chenille Patches
  6. Name Patches
  7. Bullion Patches
  8. Printed Patches
  9. Iron-On Patches
  • What is the ideal size of patches?

Any first responder patches, police patches, or firefighter patches are usually about 4 to 5 inches in height. However, the logo emblems found on employee uniforms or sports uniforms range typically from 3 to 3.5 inches. Whereas, back patches can be up to 12 inches in height.

  • What material can be used to make a custom patch?

The most widely used fabrics used for embroidered custom patches are:

  1. Acetate
  2. Cotton
  3. Polyester
  4. Polyurethane
  5. Silk
  6. Wool, etc.
  • Which is the strongest type of backing for a custom patch?

The sturdiest type of backing for a custom patch is none other than sew-on patches. These types are more durable as compared to sticky or glue patches.

Summing It All Up!

And that is it! By reading the information provided above, you are all set to order some tiny little patches to add some much-needed life to your clothes. So, what are you waiting for? Follow these simple and easy steps and get yourself fancy emblems without a hitch. And, if you get stuck at any step, we assure you that these experts will help you throughout the entire procedure. So, let go of your worries and visit their site to place your order:

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