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Quick Steps Guide: How To Iron On Patches Like A Pro

Imagine you have just received a package, delivered to your doorstep and you take out the coolest-looking iron-on patches out of it. While glancing at the spectacular motifs, you may feel irresistible to enhance your clothing’s appeal with them. But it is possible when you correctly apply them to your garments, otherwise, they will fall off quickly. Below is the comprehensive step-by-step guide, along with other necessary information for applying your iron-on patches.

Here Are Materials Suitable For Iron On Patches

You may feel like applying iron-on patches onto your different apparel but firstly consider the fabric. This badge type requires heat for application and not every material is resistant to it. If your garment consists of polyester, denim, cotton, or canvas fabric, you’re good to go for the ironing process. These natural fabrics are suitable in this case. However, leather, wool, silk, and cashmere are heat-sensitive materials that you shouldn’t consider at all costs.

Easy Peasy Instructions To Iron On A Patch

Here are some quick and easy-peasy instructions to get started:

Do The Initial Preps

First and foremost, clean the backing of your badge from any debris, such as dirt, hair, or fur. Next, figure out the garment whose style you would like to elevate by applying motifs and ensure it is heat-resistant.

Determine The Appropriate Temperature

If you’re applying the motif onto your apparel, like a shirt or jeans, so consider the iron settings mentioned in the care tag. If there is no label, you should still be safer than sorry, so use a lower heat.  Place a piece of fabric or parchment paper above the badge to avoid any damage to the piece. 

Provide Heat

Place your ironing machine on the badge according to its size. Suppose your motif is small, place the tip of your iron. Begin from the centre of the piece and then move towards the edges. Provide heat for enough duration so that the adhesive material on the back fully melts and attaches itself to the apparel.

Leave The Attachment To Rest

Once you’re sure that the badge has adhered to the garment, take the ironing machine off from the targeted spot. Leave the attachment to rest for a while until the above cloth piece or parchment cools down completely. It would take about five to fifteen minutes depending upon the amount of heat you have provided. Take off the parchment paper and lift your garment vertically to check if any edge from the motif hasn’t fully adhered. If it hasn’t, repeat the process to attach the piece properly.

What Is An Ideal Temperature To Apply Iron On Patches?

Use a low heat if your garment consists of delicate fibres, such as polyester. On the other hand, choose for a higher heat if your clothing has a durable fibre composition, like cotton and linen. Moreover, denim jackets, jeans, and backpacks are also heat-tolerant, so providing a higher heat for attachment is safe. While talking about approximate temperature, set up your machine around 300-400°F (150-200°C) if you have a cotton or denim garment.  

Medium to high temperature, i.e. 275-300°F (135-150°C) is appropriate for polyester fabric, whereas low heat, like 250-275°F (120-135°C) is suitable for rayon material. Moreover, choose around 250-300°F (120-150°C) temperature setting for woollen apparel or accessories. Never turn on the steam option within your ironing machine’s setting while applying custom iron on patches UK. Moisture will prevent the proper bonding of your motif to your clothing, therefore always stick to dry ironing.

Don’t Have An Ironing Machine? Make Hair Straightener Your Partner

 Imagine you’re on your vacation and about to wear your hottest dress, but you accidentally spill your foundation onto it. The worst part – the stains are sturdy and you can’t get your hands on an ironing machine! Your heart sinks in disappointment at the thought that you won’t be able to rock your beautiful dress. But then, you instantly experience an ‘Aha’ moment and rush towards your bag to get your stylish customized iron-on patch.

Luckily, the motif is large enough to hide your liquid foundation’s stains. You take your hair straightener in your hands, the partner that saves you from a terrible situation. For the process, you clean the machine to remove oils or any other waste residue.

You let the hair straightener heat up, meanwhile placing the motif onto the garment’s specific area. You cover both sides with parchment and provide the heat to the targeted spot using the machine for a minute or two. Thus, you may have an idea about how to apply badges to your apparel or accessories using a hair straightener.

Why is not my iron-on patch sticking to the garment?

The most possible reason is that you haven’t heated your ironing machine to the appropriate temperature. Secondly, you may have not provided heat to the all edges of your motif for enough duration. It will properly melt down the adhesive material and let the emblem bond well with the apparel.

Can we apply an iron patch to a luggage case?

Yup, you can apply them to your luggage case, but whether or not it will stay intact for a longer period depends upon the material of the bag. If its fabric is suitable for ironing, you can go for it. However, material, such as leather, nylon, or rayon will melt down along with the insignia while exposed to heat. Therefore, you can apply badges onto them either via sewing or glue.

Can I put iron-on badges in the wash?

Yes, but you have to wash them with great care. Either use cold or lukewarm water and handwash it rather than using a washing machine for it. Flip the apparel inside out before washing it to preserve the attachment. You may have to stitch them back or conduct the application process once again if the emblem starts coming off after a wash.

Can you put an iron directly on a patch?

No, you should always use a tea towel, washcloth, or parchment paper as a barrier between the heat and badge. It not only prevents the piece or apparel from damage but also protects the machine from adhesive backing residue.

Final Thoughts

Now you know the complete process to apply your iron-on patches onto your clothing or accessory. You’re all set to restore the appearance of any ruined apparel or personalize your garbs according to your fashion choice. Besides, you also know whom to look up to while adhering to iron on badges in the absence of an ironing machine.

The possibilities are limitless once you learn the art of attaching motifs to garments. Next, all you need is a bunch of trendy designed customized emblems to turn your simple clothing into modish apparel.

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