How To Give A New Look To Your Old Boring Clothes

We all have that one corner in our room that has clothes that we forgot to donate. It also has a pile of clothing items or accessories that is either damaged or not in a condition to fit in our wardrobe. The feeling of not having anything to wear even after having so many clothes is a sign that you have to make better use of your old apparel. There is no need to keep on buying new stuff and contributing to the wastage. Before you give your pre-loved clothes why not have another look at them with a creative mind? You can add a new life to your old boring garments by upcycling them.

Upcycling is the process of changing old, unwanted items into new and useful pieces. Whether you want to upgrade your current wardrobe or restyle old items, upcycling is there to change your ragged clothes into fashionable and chic pieces. Here are some creative ways you can try to upcycle your dresses and give them a fresh look.

8 Best Upcycling Ideas You Can Try On Your Clothes

  • Cutting And Sewing

A thread and needle can easily uplift any clothing item into something new. Perhaps you have a shirt which is way too large or pair of jeans you don’t wear anymore. Cropping your items can make them much better and trendier. You can also try cutting pieces of old clothes and stitching them together to create a brand-new design. Though it can be a complex process, if you have the art of sewing, you can do it easily. Stitching customized patches to your damaged or torn garments can save you a whole lot of bucks that you might spend on buying a brand-new shirt or jeans.

  • Dyeing Your Old Clothes

If sewing is not your thing then try the process of dyeing. All you need is some household items and color dye and your shirt is ready to be the trendiest item in your wardrobe. There are various ways you can use dye on your clothes. Tie-dyeing is the most common one, in which you can create colorful patterns and designs on your shirt by following a simple process. Another method is reverse tie-dyeing which is done on colored clothes. And lastly, fabric markers are the easiest way to get your favorite artwork imprinted on your garments.

  • Create Hair Accessories

If you love having a collection of hair accessories then don’t waste your money on buying them as you can create them at home from your old shirts. Take the leftover fabric from your shirt and create a matching hair clip or scrunchie to wear. You can mend your ideas according to the shirt you have, if you have leather, you can try to make a cute bow or if you have silk, then headbands are the best item.

  • Adding Patches Or Appliques

Custom Embroidery or iron-on patches have been a popular way of adding a personalized touch to old clothing items for many years. Patches are a great way to add a fun element to your items. Not everyone masters the art of sewing which is why watching tutorials is always a good idea. Moreover, you can practice on a kitchen towel before trying on your apparel. There are many easy and creative ways you can use patches. Sewing them on your clothing items is one way to maintain durability. Another way is to try iron-on patches as they are easy to apply. Lastly, glueing your emblems is another quick way to add a new style. Glueing is mostly done with jacket patches UK as they are made up of thick material, so it’s easy to stick the emblem.

  • Make Reusable Kitchen Towels

If you don’t wish to wear your clothes then a good way to upcycle them is to make reusable kitchen towels. Take your garments which are in horrible condition and cut them into small rectangular or square pieces. Clean and sew the edges and in no time you have kitchen towels ready for use. Using reusable towels can be a more sustainable option to clean spills and wipe your counter than single-use paper towels.

  • Hand-Paint Your Old Pair Of Jeans

Whether you have old skinny or wide-leg jeans, you can still reuse them and flaunt them in a different way. If your jeans have sheds hanging around or is showing some skin then you should upcycle it. Try to make a denim tote bag, a vest, a cushion cover or a denim belt. If your jeans are in good condition and are just out of fashion then to jazz them you can do hand fabric painting on them. Hand painting on cloth can be simple and highly attractive. This may seem risky at first but by following the online guide, the correct material and the right tools you can enhance your pair of jeans and add a creative flair to them.

  • Try Fabric Weaving

Among all these attractive upcycling ideas for your clothing items, weaving is one of the most unique ones. Once you learn the skill and basic of weaving you can create attractive designs and patterns in just a short time. You can do weaving on many items like scarf, jeans, shirts and more. Custom jacket patches are also widely used for this purpose. However, weaving is also a common practice to style the back of your clothing and uplift its appealing factor.

  • Mix And Match Your Outfits

Sometimes your clothing piece gets boring because you don’t pair it up in a fun way. Doing the right mix and match can bring new light to your old clothes. Try experimenting with new styles and step out of your comfort zone. If you have colorful skirts try pairing them with white or basic color t-shirts. You can also stitch skirts and loose shirts together to make a unique upcycled dress.


Upcycling the pile of clothes you don’t wear anymore is one of the best decisions. By practicing upcycling you can make sustainability a part of your life. Once you start learning weaving, dyeing or sewing, you can give an edgy and creative look to any of your outdated garments. By trying these creative upcycling ways you can save a good amount of money that you waste on buying new outfits regularly.

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