Biker Patches – Create Your Own Custom Motorcycle Patches

There is no feeling like the one you get on the open road. For a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts, the thrill of adventure is what keeps them going.

But have you noticed that these bikers have one thing synonymous? That’s right! They all have custom motorcycle badges on their vests and jackets.

So, it would be safe to conclude that patches have become a part of the uniform for bikers from all around the world.

You can find patches everywhere and anywhere, but for motorcyclists, biker clubs, and rider groups – patches have a special meaning.

These emblems make great additions to anyone’s gear and they are not at all difficult to design.

Embroidered patches fit perfectly on vests and jackets. Moreover, they also add a sense of style. So, whether you are looking for a bigger patch or a smaller one, it is quite straightforward to make stunning patches that spread a message and look great. 

Jacket patches are the most common motorcycle patches, and they come in a huge range of sizes, designs, and shapes.

Let us have a brief look at these add-ons, shall we?

Motorcycle Patches | Let Us Look Into Them

Custom motorcycle patches are often seen as an extension of the motorcyclist’s personality. A lot of riders prefer to express their uniqueness and individuality with these add-ons. These patches come in a number of sizes, colours, styles, etc. They can be placed just about anywhere on the bike for a unique look.

Understand Different Types Of Patches

There are a lot of different types of motorcycle add-ons to choose from, so it is vital to understand the differences. Embroidered patches come in a number of colours with an embroidered design on the front, while woven patches are similar but have a smoother texture and often feature complex details. Applique patches add a lot of dimension to your motorcycle with coloured felt that is sewn on the patch for a unique 3D effect. Reflective patches are perfect for adding visibility, as they reflect light when it hits them. Thus, making them perfect for night rides.

Determine Where To Place Your Emblems

Add-ons are an ideal way to customise your motorcycle, but the placement is just as significant. While choosing where to put your custom motorcycle patches, think about how visible they will be from various angles. The back of your jacket or jacket sleeve is a popular place to attach patches and can tailor an eye-striking effect when worn. If you wish to draw attention to certain areas on your bike, you can use these emblems under or around the headlight, tank, seat, etc., for a bolder statement. So, get as creative as you can with patch placement and make sure that you are happy with the overall look before you commit them permanently to your ride.

Learn How To Apply Patches

After you have decided where to attach patches on your motorcycle, the next step is to learn how to apply them properly. Emblems must be sewn or ironed onto the material they will be affixed to. Both methods are efficient and can offer a secure fit that won’t fall off while riding. To attach your patches, make sure you use a low setting and cover the patch with a soft towel before starting to apply heat to it. By doing so, you can prevent any potential damage to the fabric or patch. Sewing custom motorcycle patches on a jacket or any other item of clothing is a great option. No matter if you choose to hand-sew or get it done professionally, make sure all the edges are properly secured before you hit the road.

Get Ideas For Cool Custom Combinations

Jacket patches are a great way to personalise your motorcycle and tailor a unique style. Think about combining different sizes, colours, types, shapes, and a lot of other elements in patches to tailor in-vogue designs that echo your personality. You can get as creative as you wish with patch placement by placing these emblems around badges or even inside pockets on your outerwear. You can also assemble different patch sizes in various ways to tailor an unexpected look. Look for vintage custom biker patches or go for something totally unique with custom patches. The sky is definitely the limit in this case. So, use this opportunity to your advantage and let the world know your knack for creativity.

Motorcycle Patch Etiquette

Now that we know all about the cool combinations, where and how to attach custom motorcycle patches for riding groups and motorcycle clubs, it is high time we get familiar with their etiquettes, too. That is right! There are some etiquettes for wearing these add-ons. The people who are not members of any club can face severe repercussions for not following the proper protocol while attaching patches. The first thing to know about these add-on etiquettes is that you must never wear the colour, logo, imagery, etc., of a biker club you are not a part of. Motorcycle clubs are the only ones that use back emblems with bottom and top rockers.

For riding groups, custom add-ons are less restricted. Rider’s club bikers mostly wear patches that represent races, fund-raising, rallies, and similar events without worrying about breaking any rules. Such emblems are typically one-piece patches with one-of-a-kind designs that represent the event. Riding club emblems can be placed anywhere on almost any item of clothing such as shirts, jeans, jackets, sweaters, and much more. These patches offer a sense of camaraderie, belonging, and a dash of style.

Summing It All Up!

There is a lot of tradition and pride that surrounds motorcycle patches and clubs. These add-ons reflect a sense of tradition, togetherness within a group, a love of riding, and a lot more. Now that you know all about motorcycle patches and the etiquette to wear them, why not design your own motorcycle patch? When it boils down to custom motorcycle patches, allow your creativity to flow freely. By consuming the information provided above, we are sure that you are going to slay in your biker patches. So, start designing them right now or you can also order them online from any reputable patch manufacturing company. No matter what you do, just keep the patch etiquette in mind, and you will be all set to go!

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